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Playanese Periodical Issue #0

Playanese Periodical Issue 0


Are you looking for a magazine that showcases the local culture, art, and politics of Long Beach? Do you want to support a grassroots publication that gives voice to the people and the issues that matter to them? If so, you might be interested in Periodical, a Long Beach publication by Long Beach County in partnership with One Current Ebbing All Nations and Members of the LB Community. The Periodical is a part of the L.E.A.H Publication Program, which stands for Local Entrepreneur and Artist Honorary.

The Periodical is more than just a magazine. It is a platform for dialogue, information, and creativity. It is a way to connect with your community and to celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of Long Beach. Order your copy today and join the conversation!

Periodical features:

  • Tastefully Hateful: An interview with Tom, the vocalist of Dross, a local band that plays “hurtcore”, a genre that expresses physical and emotional pain through intense music. Find out how Tom got into the music scene, how he deals with mental health, and what he thinks about the clown controversy.
  • Dime Alley Restoration Project: A community-led initiative to transform an alley into a safe and beautiful space for residents and visitors. Learn about the vision, the process, and the design of this restorative pathway project.
  • Resources/Community Help
  • Local Art AND MORE