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Push 4 Peace Project ’21

“In the Summer of 2020 we were called upon by the local action sports community to facilitate events that had a greater meaning for skateboarders, bikers, bladers, and scooters alike. Titled “Push 4 Peace”, we helped organize demonstrations where skaters and others in the community pushed through downtown not only to show unity in Long Beach, CA but also to raise money for supplying the youth with skateboards so they can continue to work on their craft and stay out of trouble. We then had a contest where local artist can design the boards. In the end, we announced everyone had won! This in turn will further promote local artist and build their portfolios and resumes. It also shows local skaters that they can make their own skate companies and don’t have to depend on the industry that ignores so many of them. Currently we have yearly events and are now working with local leadership like Devin Romo, Daniel Cuxillos, Donnie Waters, and Joaquin Carter to establish “Push 4 Peace” as its own independent charitable trust so the good work can continue. For now they work with our board members Kenny Bush and Chance Powers as a committee.” – OceanOrgLB

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