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LB Progressive Voters Guide by CareCulture LB.

Long Beach Progressive Voters Guide The Care Culture Collaborative, a local anarchist and abolitionist group in Long Beach, presents a comprehensive voters guide. Their mission is to challenge power structures and create a just society, starting within their community.

Key Candidates and Measures

  • City Council Picks: The guide endorses candidates like Ketty Citterro and Tunua Thrash-Ntuk for their community involvement and environmental advocacy.
  • Measures & Propositions: It critically evaluates Proposition 1 and Measure RW, ultimately endorsing Measure RW to increase hotel worker wages.

Local Updates and Events

  • 2028 Olympics Concerns: The guide raises issues about the upcoming Olympics, such as the displacement of local communities and budget strains.
  • Policing and Oversight: It discusses the new Director of Police Oversight’s role and the police academy’s budget upgrade.

Voting Information

  • The guide provides details on voting centers and encourages participation by March 5, 2024.