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Playanese Periodical Issue #1

  • Publication Overview: #001 Playanese Periodical, a Long Beach publication in partnership with One Current Ebbing All Nations and members of the local community.
  • Editorial Perspective: The so-called editor, JackDawg, shares a voter’s guide with a strong emphasis on localism, urging readers to avoid candidates who support police and to consider young, local individuals for city council positions.
  • Community Engagement: The publication encourages sharing art and dialogue through their email and highlights the importance of community involvement in local politics to prevent displacement.
  • Artist Spotlight: An interview with Dirty Merlin, a local artist, discusses the creative scene in Long Beach, safe spaces, the impact of lockdown on their events, and the philosophy of the GRN+GLD collective.
  • How to Make a Cult with Makea.movie.
  • Local Art by some of your favorite artists.